Who’s Really Behind the Silhouette?

Writer: Bryanna Houser

artworks-000181812363-8v9bpp-t500x500                                                                                           Cover art for Vol. 1       Since the release of her first studio album last fall, the singer/songwriter H.E.R has been turning heads for more reasons than one. Her sultry vocals and smooth hooks will pull you into her world and music over and over again, but the mystery behind her identity is undeniably one of the reasons people will come back for more.

     If you didn’t know, H.E.R is an acronym that stands for Having Everything Revealed,  which is what she will seem to be doing soon. She recently had her first face to face interview with the L.A Times, where she revealed that she is a 19 year old (rumored to named Gabby Wilson)  that is simply trying to earn her spot in this industry without compromising herself. “I’m not going to confirm my identity” she said to the Times trying her hardest to not allow our new social media driven world to pass judgement on her physical appearance before they can first hear all of her talents. While talking to the L.A Times, long time manager Jeff Robinson revealed his thoughts on her anonymity, “Coming out in this kind of way has made her freer so that she can just concentrate on making music, and having people judge the music for what it is.

    Although never to this extreme, the concealing of an artist identity isn’t a new thing - the Weekend, Sia, and Dvsn all choose to do this - and hopefully H.E.R career will end up being just as successful as theirs in the future.