Rihanna Looks Like a Freaking Goddess at Barbados Carnival

Writer:Bryanna Houser

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Riri has done it again! Fans are praising the Pop singer for her elaborate, colorfully exciting costume for the Barbados’ Crop Over Festival.

The sultry singer showed off her tail feathers last weekend and uploaded pictures to her Instagram profile of her brightly colored bikini set, where she received numerous compliments from fans and stars alike.

She debuted her new turquoise hair that perfectly complimented all her jewels and elaborate designs.

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Her Instagram post had fans commenting praises; one girl hailing her as a “goddess”, another claiming her as the “best to ever exist”.

The photo also attracted attention from unlikely friends, one of them being Chris Brown, who left a winking face emoji underneath the picture, which was promptly shot down by Rihanna’s die hard fans. “Rihanna don’t need this type of negativity in her life” one fan wrote defending her honor. Another questioned “Can Riri flourish in peace?”

As we all know Rihanna has plenty of big name companions that love to boost her the same way us common folk do. One of those companions being Lorde, who simply wrote “I’m DEAD.”

This show out from Rihanna left jaws dropped, and I for one am very excited to see what else she has in store.