Millions of Reasons to Love Khalid

Staff Writer: Orian Johnson

American Teen                                                                        -Cover art for American Teen

      It’s 2017, and there are such high stakes when it comes to fame in the music industry. So many artists are doing what they can to stand out amongst rappers like Kendrick and singers like Rihanna. With that being said, very rarely does an artist come seemingly out of nowhere and completely blindside us like Khalid Robinson. His debut album: American Teen boasts a whopping 15 songs with all of them centered around the theme of the intricacies and struggles of finding love nowadays. The most popular and well-known songs of the album are Young Dumb & Broke, Location, and my personal favorite: Reasons. Although I enjoy a combination of both lyrics and beat, I feel like his words take away from the beat itself in a way that doesn't necessarily lessen the experience. Now, the title of the article is a bit misleading as I haven’t actually found millions of reasons to love his music, but I’ve come to realize that the lyrics embody every aspect of the trial and error aspect of romance in today’s society, and whether you’re vibing, in your feelings, or jamming out, there’s a Khalid song that’ll resonate with you. He’s flipped the R&B genre on its head, and in terms of popularity he’s got nowhere to go but up from here.