Five Youtube Couples that Ruled Summer 2017

Writer: Keonna Burnett

Whether you’re a high tech business mogul, a modern day millenial, a typical high school student, or simply just a sucker for love, you’re bound to live vicariously to the people you find living your relationship goals. These are five of today’s cutest, strongest, most influential, power couples that have been killing it on youtube this summer. I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with them, but if not, go check them out!

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1) Chris & Queen

Any fellow members of the C&Q Mafia would agree that these two lovebirds have social media and family all figured out. Fans love them due to their openness and honesty with their viewers, and their willingness to allow those who care into their lives. The Detroit natives are known for their ruthless pranks (for example the cheating prank that Chris pulled on Queen that’s since hit 5.4 million views). In addition to becoming youtube sensations, they have mind blowing musical talents, and a son (Baby Chris) with his own channel called Daddy and Me.

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2) The ACE Family

Austin and Catherine decided to give youtube a try a little over a year ago, after settling down and looking for a long term career. They found it to be something they really enjoyed, and were extremely good at. We love The ACE Family for the positive energy they never fail to exert, and the fun, family friendly content they produce along with their babygirl Elle- like their vlogs, challenges, and pranks, one of which reached 8.6 million views after being titled ‘The Best Prank of all Time!’

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3) Domo and Crissy

Domo and Crissy have been on Youtube for a year and a half, and have inspired so many people along the way. They too are a young couple known for their wild and outrageous pranks, along with vlogs, wacky challenges, a few storytimes, and an overall positive vibe. Aside from being youtube stars, the two are mothers to 4 month old Domonic, motivational speakers, dabble in the music industry, and are going on tour!

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4) David Dobrik and Liza Koshy

Both getting their start on Vine, David Dobrik and Liza Koshy developed careers and fan bases of their own. Though, the two along with a number of other post viners took their talents to Youtube and were soon known as “the vlog squad.” David and Liza however share a similar sense of humor, wacky personality, and the abilities to make people laugh. There’s no question that their subscribers were thrilled to hear that the two were finally a thing!


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5) DK4L

Ever since the beginning of De’arra and Ken, social media has played a major role in their relationship as being a constant reminder of the love they have for each other, as well as the love they share for the fans. The DK4L brand launched on youtube, after obtaining a substantial amount of Instagram followers, and making a name for themselves on social media. We all know DK4L for their pranks and challenges, but also their standout personalities and loyalty to their subscribers.