BREAKING: Ezekiel Elliott Suspension

Writer: Marcus Carr

Dallas Cowboys star running back, Ezekiel Elliott, will be suspended for 6 games. This comes after Elliott’s ex-girlfriend accused him of domestic violence. The NFL went through an extensive investigation, but with so many statements and allegations swarming around Elliott, the NFL thought there was enough evidence to suspend him for 6 games.

Ezekiel Elliott will have 3 days to appeal the suspension, which is expected for him to do. The case will then be heard within 10 days. With no appeal, Elliott would not appear in a game until week 8 since his suspension would not take place until September 2nd and end the day after they face the 49ers.

Elliott has been accused of an altercation in a Dallas bar but the accusations since have been dropped. He also has allegations swarming around him for domestic violence in February and July of 2016. The NFL does not have a good track record when it comes to suspending players. Goodell handed Ray Rice a 2 game suspension for punching his wife in a shocking elevator video.

If Elliott does not return until week 8, the Cowboys at worst could be facing the Redskins at 2-4, only dropping one game in their division leaving them a possibility to still win the division. The suspension will likely be reduced to 3-4 games which would leave the Cowboys in a lot better shape facing the Packers at week 5.

For Fantasy Football purposes, Elliott would fall to a strong RB2. I still like him for the 4-5 rounds because of his ability to catch out of the backfield and the offensive line has not changed. McFadden’s stock will rise over the next couple weeks, but he will still be a flex play for me.