Artist Page for August


Every month we will have artists who interview on our radio show. Their music can be heard throughout our show. They are trying to move from the underground scene onto the big stage and we are providing an outlet to broadcast their music. Here is the month of August artist.

Bryson Cole

Bryson Cole is a rapper from Mansfield, Texas who is spreading his music throughout the Denton area while attending The University Of North Texas. He recently released his album New Wave which is available on every music platform. Bryson brings a smooth lyrical taste to his music, he also uses his music to speak about what he stands for which are conveyed in his freestyles. He announced he will be releasing an album this fall or winter named Worth The Wait. You can find Bryson on Twitter @BrysonColeTX .



Kaleeks is a member of JVNLS, a rap group from Arlington, Texas. He has a tough-gangster like feel to his music. His fan favorite songs are ‘Becky’, ‘Why Hate?’ and his newest track ‘Civilized Savage’, which was highly anticipated on all social media outlets. He is currently working on an EP that is expected to drop this fall. You can find Kaleeks on Twitter @Kreepaleeks. Be on the lookout for him as he rises through the underground scene.

Jimmy Of The Saints

Jimmy Of The Saints is currently developing his own rap group that will go by the name of Blessed Co. He is from Galveston, Texas but is spreading his music throughout Nacogdoches, Texas while he attends Stephen F. Austin. Jimmy can bring a variety of styles to his music, he slows it down in his song “Window ft. Alexisxo” but brings a smooth upbeat bonus track with “Black Mamba ft. Pro-C & Peej”. You can find him on Twitter @JimmyOfSaints.

Lil Trunk$

Lil Trunk$ is a rapper from Arlington, Texas. He brings a trap feel to his music by using a variety of different beats. He recently dropped ‘Static’ and announced that he will be putting out his first mixtape $kunk Life in 2018. He is not only a musical artist but a photographer and videographer. You can find him on Twitter @thekidtrunks_.