Staff Writer: Orian Johnson

31BELTRE-master768                                                                          Tony Gutierrez/Associated Press

     Andre 3000? More like: Adrian Okay. 38 year old Texas Rangers star, Adrian Beltre, landed his 3000th hit in the MLB as of Sunday, July 30th during a game against the Baltimore Orioles. He’s the 31st player in Major League Baseball to make this record and that’s an enormous milestone in itself, but he’s also the first player from the Dominican Republic to make this record as well, marking a second. Beltre’s family was also present during the game, and a banner was flown as he made his way into the MLB Hall of Fame. With a whopping 19 years of professional experience, he’s undoubtedly become an asset to the Rangers, in skill and popularity. Though Beltre and the Rangers may have lost 10-6 on Sunday, the team and their fans certainly had something to celebrate, so I doubt anyone’s head is hanging low after the game. Though Beltre has no time to rest on his laurels as there are still more games this season, what’s left for the new 3,000 hit club member is yet to be seen, but I’m sure he has many proud fans, friends, and family members waiting to cheer him on again.